Tutorial: How to do the Kettlebell Windmill Squat Press

Look like a badass at the gym with the awesome move.  The Kettlebell Windmill Squat Press works all the muscles you get from a squat and one arm kettlebell press (legs, butt, shoulders, etc.), but so much more.  Learning how to rotate and squat evenly will work your obliques for a sexy waistline and increase your hip mobility.  This exercise also offers a great strength and mobility opportunity for you shoulders.  Of course, as with most overhead presses, you do need good range of motion in your shoulder girdle.  If you don’t have good shoulder mobility, you may want to hold a very light bell or dumbbell, or even just mimic the movement but without any weight to be extra safe.  If you need to walk it back a step and work on improving shoulder stability, watch this tutorial…
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